University of Tokaj


The Reformed College of Sárospatak, founded in 1531, has been giving a wide range of scientists, writers, artists, and statesmen throughout its nearly five hundred years of history. Having received stable professional expertise and protestant ethical roots, the students of Sárospatak have always served universal human values and national improvement. During the past centuries, the institution has provided basic and intermediate level high school and primary school teaching education, while it was also involved in higher education trainings in theology, humanities, and law. In the middle of the 20th century, it also contained village seminars, community college, artist-home, free-cultural-academy, and horticulture and wine-making secondary school.

The University of Tokaj, as legal successor of Sárospatak Teacher Training College historically founded in 1857, became independent 01 August 2021. The University is dedicated to restore the formerly internationally outstanding spiritual, religious, cultural historical, political and economic role of the town, the closer Tokaj Hegyalja, and wider Zemplén and Abaúj region. Building on the cultural heritage of past centuries and traditional Comenius values it aims to raise educational standards, and to strengthen the region’s cultural, scientific, touristic and economic attractiveness. Relying on its own resources, the University wishes to retain the population, to raise their educational level, to help the well-being of people working here with the overall aim of improving the world famous and acknowledged Tokaj vine-growing and wine-making culture.

Our University calls and waits for present and future students in the field of pedagogy education, that relies on the Sárospatak educational traditions, in Viticulture and Oenology, Tourism, Economics and the related Cultural Heritage trainings. Determination of the institution’s education and research areas, and also its roles in social engagement are synthesised from the culture and world heritage of Tokaj Wine Region, the former Zemplén county (Bodrogköz Hegyalja, Hegyköz) and the geographically and organically connected Abaúj region. We also aim to strengthen the whole Hungarian higher education, and the related Carpathian basin, European and world-wide dimensions with high quality education and research.