University of Tokaj


CEEPUS– Central European Exchange Program for University Studies

The CEEPUS programme offers mobility scholarship for students and teachers of the following countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kososvo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

There are two ways of submitting your CEEPUS Mobility application:

I. Within a CEEPUS network

HU-0028-15-2122 Active Methods in Teaching and Learning Mathematics, Informatics and their Applications network.

CEEPUS Network coordinator:
PhD Erika Wiersum-Gyöngyösi
Participating unit:

RS-1607-03-2324 Resilient management of bioactive compounds from plants and organic wastes in Middle-Europe

CEEPUS Network coordinator:
Zsuzsa Szabó

CZ-1503-04-2324 (Umbrella) Development of Computational Thinking

CEEPUS Network coordinator:
Orsolya Hogya

Mobility application of individual applicants can be submitted electronically only at Deadline for the winter semester :   15 June; for the summer semester:    31 October.

II. As Freemover

Any of the accredited higher education institutions can be chosen as host institutions. Freemovers need to find and contact the host university themselves.

Freemover applicants please contact the CEEPUS institutional coordinator:

Zsuzsa Szabó

Deadline for the winter/first semester: continuously, usually starts on 1st July, and is open until availability; for the summer/second semester: 30th November   

Type of mobilty

Eligible applicants

Length of mobility

Activity during the mobility period

Scholarship amounts[1]


Bachelor, Master and PhD students

1 semester, 3-5 months (full months with min. 16 days in the last month)

attending lectures and seminars, obtaining credits is obligatory, which can be supplemented with internship. The proposed activities should be described in the ’Motivation’ part of the application.

170.000 HUF / month  

Short term student

Bachelor, Master students who are currently working on their thesis and PhD students

1-2 months (min. 21 days)

consultation, research activity, laboratory work relating to the thesis/dissertation is obligatry. The topic of the thesis/dissertation and the planned activities should be described in the „Motivation” part of the application

170.000 HUF / month    

Short term excursion

Bachelor, Master and PhD students

3-5 days

participating at an excursion organised by the host institutions’ coordinator

42.500 HUF/ person


employed as a teacher at a higher education institution in a CEEPUS member country

minimum 5 working days, minimum 6 teaching/supervising hours

mandatory teaching and/or thesis supervising activity at the host institution: lecture, seminar or consultation

190.000 HUF / month

[1] The grant is a comprehensive amount which does not necessarily cover all costs of living and travelling, it is paid at the Hungarian host institution after arrival.

Reporting obligations: Mobility Report and Letter of Confirmation

At the end of your stay you have to upload the scanned version of your signed and stamped Mobility Report and Letter of Confirmation on the central website, ( )

Where to find it: Manage your mobility applications / Academic year (dropdown menu)/ opening the application / Mobility Report and Letter of Confirmation tab – edit

The Mobility Report is your own summary about your study period while the Letter of Confirmation is the proof of your stay at the host institution, Both documents have to be signed and stamped by your host coordinator. A scanned version of the signed and stamped originals have to be uploaded in order to send your application to the final status ‘Completed’. You may also have to hand a copy to your home institution’s CEEPUS coordinator or International Office.

For more information please visit the website of the National Ceepus Office in Hungary: