University of Tokaj


List of propagated courses

Name of the course:

1. Children Philosophy
2. Computer Architectures
3. Data Structures and Algorithms
4. Elementary choral conducting
5. English children’s literature
6. English civilization
7. Gamified mathematical education in Kindergarten
8. History of science and mathematical interests
9. Hungarian grape varieties
10. Innovation management in developing regions
11. Introduction to robotics
12. Learning about Viticulture and Oenology in English
13. Mathematical and IT education
14. Mechanism and microbiology of the noble rot process
15. Music in Preschool (methodology)
16. Object Oriented Programming
17. Operating Systems
18. Operations Research (seminar)
19. Philosophy of Civilisation
20. Psychology of cognition and individual treatment of children
21. Teaching of mathematis in classes 1-2
22. Teaching of mathematis in classes 3 – 4
23. The child as a learner of English
24. The economy of aszú wine
25. Theoretical basics of mathematical education I.
26. Theoretical basics of mathematical education II.
27. Visual Culture – Art Studies and Methodology
28. Wine and gastronomy
29. Wine-tasting
30. WWW Programing
31. Bilingual and multilingal Theory and Practice