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The summer university programme planned by the University of Tokaj aims to present and promote the values of the World Heritage Site, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The UNSECO award was granted in 2002 in recognition of the achievements of the cooperation between man and landscape, which is still a key factor for the wineries and institutions operating in the area.

Our university is working to promote the vine and viticulture of the region, which has been closed since 1737, and its traditions, as well as the built and cultural heritage that is closely linked to the 27 municipalities in the region.

In addition to the history of viticulture and winemaking, the two-week programme offers general gastronomy and wine knowledge, wine marketing and wine market knowledge, and then explores the specific Tokaj region aspects of these topics in detail for the students of the summer university. Wine-making methods and tasting techniques will be taught not only at the Tokaj Wine Region Research Institute of Viticulture and Enology, which is part of the University of Tokaj, but also at the wineries and vineyards with their own unique characteristics that will be featured in the afternoon programme.

The summer university participants will be introduced to the built heritage, cultural history and tourist attractions of the municipalities, as well as to the outstanding wine event of Sárospatak, the host of the summer course, the Wine Festival, known as Borpatak.

The programme offers the opportunity to discuss and work through a topic in person during individual consultations in the evenings. The trainers are eminent professionals of THE, and the wineries to be visited are also renowned wineries of the wine region, both nationally and internationally.

The Summer University aims to provide a complex transfer of knowledge that will allow a multifaceted knowledge of the World Heritage landscape. The basic subjects will also serve as a reference point for the subsequent acquisition of individual online knowledge, as well as the rules of cultivated wine consumption.

The objective of the course is to provide students of the Summer University with an understanding of Hungarian and European wine culture, wine regions and their varieties, the development of wine culture, its role in this World Heritage area, the cultural aspects of gastronomic events and the skills and competences to synthesise skills.