The first wine business manager postgraduate course at the University of Tokaj has been successfully launched


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The first wine business manager postgraduate course at the University of Tokaj has been successfully launched

The Tokaj School of Wine Business (TSWB) has attracted strong interest not only from the domestic but also from the international wine industry, with students from the UK and Slovakia attending the first year of the unique wine business training programme.

By mid-September, many applications had been received for the programme, which was launched in Sárospatak on 26 October under the auspices of the University of Tokaj in an excellent atmosphere. The TSWB, which is part of the university, welcomed students with lecturers of its partner school in Dijon, the School of Wine & Spirits Business at Burgundy School of Business (BSB), who will be studying business development, finance, marketing, strategy, PR and brand management, all based around wine.

Among the teachers are Dr Steve Charters, Master of Wine, professor and researcher of wine marketing at the BSB, Dr Lara Agnoli, associate professor of wine marketing and economics at the partner school in Burgundy, Jacques Thebault, international marketing and business studies tutor for the course, and Dr Attila Fiáth, international wine academic and director of the TSWB, who will teach finance and business project management during the one-year course.

In addition to the essential professional information, the course also places great emphasis on giving students the opportunity to meet in person with prominent representatives of the wine region, so the first session included visits to Patricius Wine House, the headquarters of Grand Tokaj, Henye Winery, Dereszla Winery and Oroszlános Winery, where they were able to discuss current business and wine issues and challenges with winemakers, estate managers and marketing directors.

“In recent years, competition has become extremely fierce not only in the Hungarian but also in the international wine market, which means that without business knowledge it will be almost impossible to succeed in the future. It is not enough to have a high quality wine, you also need to be able to sell it, and to do that you need to know English and business language very well. This is exactly what this postgraduate course provides, which will give the participants a more confident presence not only in the domestic trade but also in the export market.” – said Dr Attila Fiáth.

The number of applicants indicates that the new course is in great demand; in addition to the English, Slovak, Swiss and Serbian participants, there were also interested parties from many wine regions of Hungary, including Villány, Szekszárd, Balaton and Mátra, in addition to Tokaj.

“We are extremely happy that there is such a great interest in the TSWB’s wine business manager training, which is unique in Central Europe. This is an excellent proof that, in addition to the essential professional knowledge, there is a great demand for business thinking not only in Hungary but also abroad. This course will equip students with knowledge that is highly applicable in practice, enabling them to contribute to the development of their own business and the progress of a region and the country as a whole.” – said Prof. Dr. István Stumpf, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the University of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

The students, many of whom will also be eligible for scholarships, will learn in a hybrid system, in line with international practice. During the year, there will be four face-to-face sessions, while the remaining learning will be online and self-study.

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